When picking your wardrobe you firstly need to think what you actually have to put inside the wardrobe.

  • Trousers, shirts, blouses, tops can work well with double hanging to allow for more garments.
  • Dresses or Long Coats work better with longer hanging and a shelf above. We also offer pull down rails if you find the rails too high to reach.
  • Do you want internal shelves with baskets on or drawers to place underwear, knitwear or accessories in? We can offer either to accommodate each individual requirement. Our shelves are adjustable and our drawers are luxury soft close.
  • Do you have ties or shoes, we have the storage solution.
  • Do you want to see what you look like once you’re dressed? You can choose from mirrored doors, pull out mirrors or matching wall mirrors.

Do you decide between hinged doors or Sliding Doors which allow you more floor room in the bedroom whilst open?

Hinged Doors

Sliding Doors

Do you require internal lighting so that you can see what is inside your wardrobe even when the bedroom lights are not on?

Whatever your request we can come up with a design and a solution.

All that is left then is to choose is your desired colour, door/drawer design & handle choices from our extensive selection.



Matching bed bases with integral drawers have become very popular over the last 12 months.

Our bases can have up to four drawer units for double beds and two drawers for single beds, with luxury soft close mechanism and the option of the latest touch to open system which needs no handles.

The bed bases offer a stylish and practical storage solution to complement any bedroom.
Usually, in Ascari, Finger Pull or touch-toopen design, they blend beautifully into any room.

Floor level low voltage LED lighting really adds to the effect of a classic bedroom.
As a bespoke item, the bed base can be made to suit your requirements.

Some customers prefer a higher base, as shown in the image to the right, making it easier to get in and out of bed.
The extra height also gives a deeper drawer system and considerably more storage.
These bed bases are an ideal addition to any bedroom, especially in children’s rooms.